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Crack Filling Services

Protect your parking lot from damage with effective crack filling services from the experts at Property Innovation Sealcoating and Line Striping. Crack sealing your asphalt can prevent water from penetrating into your subbase which is a major cause of pavement deterioration. We use the highest quality products and equipment to seal your problems shut. 

Don't compromise on the quality of your pavement. Call our team of experienced staff today to fill up your open cracks before it gets too late. If left unattended, the cracks on your pavement surface can eventually lead to costly repairs and replacement.
Crack Filling

Don't Let a Small Crack Turn Into a Big Problem

The most important preventive maintenance step that you can take for your parking lot is crack sealing. Cracks are usually the deciding factor in determining the proper time for rehabilitation and the appropriate method to be applied. When cracks develop on the surface of your pavement, call our team of experts to restore its integrity and serviceability with our crack filling services.

The main causes of pavement cracks are thermal movements and fatigue due to excessive loading. Failure to repair the cracks in a timely fashion can lead to accelerated deterioration of the pavement in the form of crack growth, spalls, secondary cracks and potholes. With us, find the perfect solution for preventive maintenance to get rid of pavement cracks.
Turn to us for effective crack sealing services.
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Hire our team of professionals to beautify the pavement of your residential, commercial, retail or industrial property.

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